Breno Leonardo G. de M. Araújo, Ricardo A. C. de Souza


Innovation-driven approaches prescribe principles, practices and tools that are used to develop innovative products or services. Introducing elements of these innovation-driven approaches in the context of software processes allows for aspects related to business, market and creativity to be considered in the design of an innovative software product. However, there are gaps between innovation processes and software processes. This work seeks to address the relationship between elements of innovation processes and elements of software processes through traceability. To this end, this work proposed an approach called InnoTrace that aims to enable tracking of innovation requirements towards system requirements and vice versa. The InnoTrace approach consists of: specifying signs to represent innovation requirements and system requirements; specifying a track to represent the relationship between signs through the notation provided by the SysML language; and traces that consist of following the track in the context of cases that demonstrate the application of software processes that incorporate innovation practices and techniques. The main contribution of this work is to provide a method appropriate for documenting traceability relations (cause and effect) between innovation and system requirements and thus mitigate the hiatus commonly observed between innovation and software processes.

DOI: 10.36558/rsc.v11i2.7215


Requirement Traceability; Innovation Process; Software Process

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