Cláudia Aparecida Avelar Ferreira, Mário Teixeira Reis Neto, Fernanda Carla Wasner Vasconcelos, Gustavo Quiroga Souki


Users of the public or private health systems are demanding a better quality in the provision of these services.However, health professionals are not recognized as the key link to improve these systems. This theoretical essayaimed to identify and describe the motivational factors and analyze the pay for performance of healthprofessionals. Given the findings, we propose grants to improve care and satisfaction of users and professionalsas: a) to recognize good performance to the extent that the effort is expended; b) to allow professionals to selfmanagetheir work; c) to allow challenges and development opportunities as a career plan and compatibleposition and salary; d) to reward according to the individual motivation; e) to provide adequate infrastructure andworking conditions and; f) to provide, financial and non-financial incentives.

DOI: 10.21714/2178-8030gep.v17i1.3534


Variable Remuneration; Motivation; Health Professionals

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